My name is Roxanne Joseph and I am the owner of JesusGirl, LLC.  JesusGirl is a small startup based in Oahu, Hawaii. I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little bit about how JesusGirl began. The name JesusGirl was impressed upon me in my sleep…over and over again.  Each morning I would wake up and have this overwhelming feeling of how much God loved me and I was blown away that He would call me His JesusGirl. I felt so special.  It was soon after that, that my mind would be flooded with ideas for a clothing business and I struggled with this for quite a while because I really didn't want to do it.

    It was never a dream of mine to own a clothing line.  It was never even a thought in my head.  That all changed when God planted this dream in me.  I gave Him a ton of reasons why I wasn’t the girl for this assignment:  I don’t look the part; I don’t know enough about this type of business; I can’t talk to people; I don’t have the resources; I have a past; and the list went on and on.  Fear gripped my heart every time I would even think about JesusGirl and that feeling of being special began to turn into anxiety.  I challenged His idea every step of the way.   He was patient.  I finally chose to be obedient and it has made all the difference.

    I asked the Lord to give me a scripture for JesusGirl.  His response was clear:

 “Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

One night I asked for more clarification…and I was reminded of all the names I had been called over the years.  Many of them were awesome like: mom, sister, daughter, or friend and of course the sweet names my husband calls me.  Then there were the other names (some I gave myself), the ones that had left scars.  Some of them, I realized I hadn’t healed from and in fact, was still answering to.  In that moment, the Holy Spirt began to set me free and He whispered my new name...JesusGirl.  I am not special and nowhere near perfect.  I am however, FREE!  I have been REDEEMED!  I have been CALLED BY NAME! I have been CHOSEN!  And sweet sister…so have YOU!  Let's dare to believe that we are who our Father says we are!

     JesusGirl exists to bring God glory by reminding His daughters of His thoughts toward them. Each item in this boutique style clothing line is chosen based on comfort and style. Christian based scripture or inspiration is then printed onto it.  It is my hope that this combination will be like a sweet hug as you wear it and that it will open doors for you to share the love of Jesus with others!